Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Homebrew Con 2017 Day One (for me)

Well, it's here. 2017 Homebrew Con (previously known as the National Homebrewers Conference) in Minneapolis, MN. I arrived quite late last night but still sampled a couple of the local brews in the hotel lobby bar before crashing. A bit of a lie in this morning but up around 9A and started studying for my BJCP Written Exam this afternoon.

My partner in crime (and beer/mead), Matt Chrispen is due in later today, as is my good friend and BN icon, Mike "Tasty" McDole. My other crazy friend, Ricardo, must be out of his mind as he is taking three, count 'em, three BJCP exams today! I couldn't cope. Best of luck, Ricardo. Especially since UPS lost your final round entries - total bummer.

Time for some lunch to get the day going. I'm meeting up with famous author, Peter Symons  (well, maybe not so famous, but a great guy, and a great book,"Bronzed Brews"), along with good friend and founder/co-owner of Meridian Hive Meadery in Austin, TX, Eric Lowe. Eric is proctoring the BJCP Mead Exam this afternoon. My exam is after the Mead exam - definitely need some fuel for the brain. That Written Exam is grueling, no matter how many times you've taken it. Headed to Brit's Pub, as recommended to Peter by Kristen England. The Steak & Ale Pie that I had was awesome! Steak, mushrooms, puff pastry, chips, and peas, what more could one ask for? In addition, they had a Mild Ale on from Fulton here in Minneapolis, great beer, will possibly try to visit them this evening. Also had beers from Fullers on, the BritHop was sublime!

A bit more studying then the Exam... Tough, as usual. Again, I say, I don't like being tested on how quickly I can write rather than what my real knowledge is. Alas, them's the rules... After the exam, headed to Surly Brewing Co with Ricardo, Matt, Eric, and Toby, the latter two crammed in the back of a Chevy Cruze with me in the middle. :-o Food was great, beers were hit and miss, but let me clarify that, the ones they are known for, great, a little disappointed in the 'interpretations' of some lager biers. Met three other Texans at Surly too, from the DFW area. Early night and all in all, a great day!

Yours Aye!